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Expert Analysis on Google Workspace Stats (in 2024)


Expert Analysis on Google Workspace Stats (in 2024)

  • April 4, 2024


Market Share of Google Workspace

Google is a dominating and go-to choice among businesses to streamline their operations, with a significant market share of 84%. 


Why Businesses Are Shifting towards Google Workspace

Google Workspace has more than 8 million paid clients. And the number of paid clients is increasing day by day. The main reason for the shift is the immense productivity growth (almost 35% productivity growth) observed by businesses. 


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The ecosystem of Google Workspace

Google workspace is more than a tool. It is an ecosystem that works seamlessly. This ecosystem has a great influence on boosting productivity and providing opportunities for business people to work on a single platform without any distractions. 

Google Workspace is the most reliable tool, and it has great chances of extreme growth in upcoming years. Many businesses rely on this tool for their business operations. 


Customers of Google Workspace

Google workspace has more than 8 billion paying customers as per the reports of January 2024. Due to business-oriented features, the number of active users is growing every year. 

Network of Google Workspace

Google workspace is currently utilised by billions of businesses around 190 countries. Google workspaces are earned by their subscriptions. In India, subscriptions are charged in rupees, and in the US, subscriptions are charged in dollars.

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Although it provides service in hundreds of countries, in many countries, Google Workspace is prohibited. List of counties : 

  • Crimea
  •  Cuba 
  •  North Korea
  •  Iran 
  • Syria

Market Shares of Productivity Software

In the market of productivity software, Microsoft Office and Google Workspace are the two main competitors. They both hold a significant percentage of the market share. However, Google Workspace surpasses Microsoft Office by 50% shareholding. 


The chart represents


Trust of Reputed Companies

Every company can pay millions of dollars just to keep their data secure. Google Worksafe boasts data safety features. Google Workspace policies state that crucial data from companies cannot be used for commercial or advertising purposes. 

This is the prime reason why companies trust and use Google Workspace for their operations. Sound 64% of Fortune 500 companies are also listed in this list. 


Dominating in Japan

Google workspace holds the greatest market share worldwide, except in Japan. In Japan, Google workspace holds more than 63% of the market share. This data provides a clear picture of data integration and market shareholding of Google Workspace. 



There is no doubt that hundreds of stats analyses have been done on the market share of Google workspace. From the analysed stats, it is concluded that Google Workspace is going to be the next big thing in the productivity market. Businesses are shifting towards it; even simple tools like Google Docs have more than 1 billion active users. The simplicity and ease of doing work are making Google Workspace more reliable than MS Office. 

Google Workspace ended its competition this year by boasting 11 times more customers than their nearest competitors, such as MS Office 365 ( it has nearly 270 million users). If you are a businessman and want to dominate market share like google workspace, then connect with the experts of a digital marketing company in Punjab to discuss your needs.

Digital Marketing

Top Secrets to Turn Passive Audiences into Engaged Buyers

  • April 2, 2024


Utilising content designed just for them is the key to turn visitors of your website into potential buyers. Transform yourself from novice to expert by reading all the tips suggested by professionals of digital marketing company in Punjab. 

Seeing real time increasing views on your websites of increasing traffic is an extraordinary feeling. It gives a sense of satisfaction which feels like all your hardwork is now paying off.  

What Stats Says

According to the stats, about 70% users read the content everyday, only 20% engage with content and at last just 10% of users take action. 

The chart clearly shows the actionable users online. It doesn’t matter how many views your blogs or products get on your website. The real thing matters is how many people take actions and actually buy  your products or choose your service. 

Converting random or passive users into engaging ones is a significant step. And mostly users use their mobile devices so targeting social media can be beneficial along with websites. 

Let’s find out some useful tips by the professionals of a digital marketing company in Ludhiana which can transform user engagement ratio on your sites. 

Provide Solutions by Identifying Problems

If you have a list of 20 tips, then keep this tip at number one because providing a solution by highlighting the problem can make a difference in generating organic leads and traffic. Once you get the pain point and are able to convince and explain it to the online users, people will start to believe that your product or service can resolve their problems completely. 

Engaging CTA’s 

People usually just use “sign up”, “buy now”, or “enrol now” like phrases while promoting their things. But that technique is not able to get you the desired results, its a very common mistake that comes under digital marketing. If you want desired results then connect with experts of an SEO company in Ludhiana. Use catchy and more inviting phrases instead of traditional ones. 

Reviews & Testimonials

According to the survey and analysis, about 50% of people trust reviews or ratings about your product or services. People trust it just like local recommendations. Businesses need to encourage their customers to share their kind feedback on their websites. It will help businesses to shine online and attract more new customers. 

Comparison in Landing Page Testing

Businesses usually don’t do this, but this technique is quite effective in increasing reach and increasing the number of potential customers. Compare the two versions of your landing page. While doing a comparison, compare each and every aspect of the landing page, including copy, image loading speed and more. 

See which version performs better and optimise accordingly. For optimising your website professionally, connect with professional developers of website development company in punjab

Easy Checkout Process

People usually leave the site, which shows them multiple pages before checkout. Try to cut the process of navigating multiple pages for checkout. 


Easy Checkout = More Sales


High Value Offers for Free

Distributing some high-value things for free is a lucrative technique that works every time. People will generously reach your website, and if all aspects of your website are designed well, i.e. content, products and offers, then people will not be able to resist showing some products. 

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