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We have worked on 3800+ projects ranging from websites for high profile businesses and telecoms to small business websites for start ups also.


Our designs always leave an WOW imprint on our clients mind and soul and thus we used to be maintain prestige in this industry.


We have firm grip over the technology to work on both Websites and Mobile Apps. Our creative base in designing flows through all technologies in both.

Website Designing in Ludhiana
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    Website designing is a very important base step in starting a successful project. A website is an outline of the services and products that your brand offers and if these services are displayed beautifully and creativity wise in a well-designed manner then it guarantees you leads and compels the website visitor to explore your product and services more and more. We at Flymedia Technology, based in Ludhiana, Punjab work towards providing everything perfectly for creating a good online business setup. And in the end, comes the content which should be good enough to provide accurate knowledge and reviews.


    Best Website Designing in Ludhiana, Here at Flymedia Technology we offer remarkable and quality web designing in Punjab at the best and cheapest prices. At our Website Designing department, we have a team of experienced web designers who have minimum 5+ years of professional experience and who are aware of trendy designing. Our web designers are completely well-planned in whatever they do in designing a website or mobile app. They are filled with a high standard of innovation and creativity. The best part is designers are always to put in more and more creativity in whatever they do and implement.

    eCommerce Websites

    We are aimed to design the best eCommerce websites for your business idea which not only attracts more and more customers towards your products and also gives them an un-beatable experience.

    Web Portals

    We design quiet user-friendly and diverse portals related to any business idea, existing or new.

    Flash Websites

    Along with great design, we create a fully flash made website with cool animations and interactive navigation..

    Custom Websites and Applications

    We provide more efficiency for your web site, more customized possibilities, and up customized applications to assist you operate your organization on the internet.

    Discussion Forums

    We offer excellent discussion discussion board on your own internet site that could engage your web site guests inside discussion, permit them to write subject areas, replies, entail these people inside on-line discussions.

    Website, a common word now days. Thanks to the smart phone and tablets now the internet is in every hand. But issue arises when they try to load a site and find its not mobile device compatible. This way you lose a lot of potential customers.

    What do you get from a responsive designed website?

    • The Structure: The structure provides a persistent and easily understandable site for the audience.
    • Page: Provides to the point information
    • Navigation: Most of the online users will barely stay half a minute on any website so your website has to be less clustered and info to the point.
    • Content: Only text is not going to work for any website. In this modern era not only graphics but, videos and info graphics are as important.
    • Traffic: Better known as the viewer. You should be well versed with the requirement of your audience.
    • Purpose: Site designed especially for your customers catering to their needs making sure correct information reaches them.

    A responsive website is the demand of the future, after all with a responsive designed website you get:

    • Responsive web designing gives a better display on all devices.
    • You get to reach all potential clients.
    • Your website traffic will increase while the bounce rates will reduce.
    • No matter what device (desktop, notebook, smart phone or tablet) user uses, your site will run smoothly.
    • Decrease your cost for having to get sites built for various devices, plus
    • By 2015 there will be estimated 788 million internet users.

    No doubt responsive web designing is the future of internet. The aim of responsive web designing services is to provide an advanced website be it for a healthcare, financial service, industry or a selling site.
    A site has to be able to load fast and provide cross browser compatibility that will be mobile responsive and friendly to the search engine. A responsive designed website helps in attaining a better online outlook and these sites are easily to be viewed on any mobile device as well.
    One cannot comprehend that development and designing goes side by side and be it a mobile device or the PC a soft running site is the preference of all. With the help of a responsive web design provider you can get your site to be compatible for all devices, even your existing sites.


    Mobile is definitely the near future and as a service provider it is vital for you to be able to cater to all the internet users be desktop, smart phone or tablet users. Your website is not just a website but, your services mirror. The more a site is viewable, the more traffic you will get.

    frequently asked questions (FAQs)

    Your website looks and feels, functionality, and navigation leave a direct impact on the business. So, having the best website design is imperative to engage more customers. At Flymedia, we do not believe in one-size-fits-all and we prefer to use the different development platforms. We design your website to increase the overall brand identity and which can target the specific audience. Our website designers and marketing team will work with you from the start to increase the customer base for your business.

    The website designing and delivery of the final product depends on the website size and complexity. Simple information websites take less time but complex websites like E-commerce websites take time. Including solid website testing is vital and testing for the complex website takes more time. Our experienced team will do everything on time and bring your website to life.

    Most of the people prefer to open the website on the mobile device. With the internet, everything has become better. Traditional websites cannot fit the smaller screen size and this makes it difficult to read the text. Everything on the website will be difficult to locate and use. This is why having a mobile-friendly website is essential and it will give the user the best experience. The mobile responsive website design enables the website to get resized according to the device being used. Our team will help you make the best website which will help your business to have an increased online presence.

    The online marketing strategy will include activities for online content, social media, and online advertising. We provide a full digital marketing service and we make sure your business has the best online marketing strategy. Our talented and experienced team provides you in-depth knowledge of which website design suits your site the best and to get the possible returns from the online marketing investment you will make. For years, we have helped different businesses to have the best online presence with the latest marketing strategies.

    CMS stands for the Content management system. With CMS, it becomes easy to make changes to images, text, and blog posts. With more technical knowledge, our website developer can make changes to pages and website layout easily. The use of CMS is going to save you a lot of money and increase business efficiency. If you are planning to make changes to the website daily CMS is the best choice. For the eCommerce website, the products need to be updated regularly and for that Joomla is the best choice. Joomla provider friendly interface and it is flexible. Our team is trained and experienced, to use the latest technology and methods. We ensure you once you get in touch with our team we will make the best website design which will help your business to stay on the top.


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