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better known as pay per clicks model used by internet in directing users towards your site. In this process the advertiser pays the search engine each time their ad is clicked by a user. Pay per click helps in generating pay by clicks instead of the traditional cash or bank payments methods.

Examples of this are the sponsored ads you see on the top of the Google’s search page, usually with yellow labels, Google Ad words in particular. There are many pay per click providers in the market but, you will want the Best PPC (Pay Per click) services provider, for this you need to follow just five steps:

  1. Create a list: First find out who are the most potential agencies in the fields. This will be an excruciating process but, will be worth the effort. On the way make sure you eliminate the ones that look like they will not be able to provide you your requirement.
  2. Comparison: Once you have created a list of some PPC providers you should compare all of them and see who can manage all aspects especially your budget. Also make sure your provider is able to provide you a service that fits your monthly budget.
  3. Do not back from questions: When you go to the PPC provider be free in asking any question like their experience, their clientele list and working techniques. Make sure you go with a planned list of questions so you do not forget anything.
  4. Analyze: After you go to all the providers it is very important for you to analyze and rank them. Do not judge them on the first visit, go and ask them again and after complete evaluation decide who to choose.
  5. Time to pick: By the time you pass the fourth step you will be ready to choose which service provider you want to appoint. But, never work in haste. Even at the last moment make sure you have looked under each rock. If you feel there is an obstacle clear it then embark on picking your service provider.


In simple pay per click is a paid service that search engines use for taking their pays. Pay per click has become a basic tool but, do not go overboard with more clicks are better thought. Once you have decided who to choose make sure you are 100% comfortable with them both work and in conversation. The company should be one with whom you can have a long term relations. You should try to make a partner feel in between you and the service provider. It is very important for a long lasting relation to be comfortable.

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