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SEO or search engine optimization helps you in getting free traffic with the best results available. Be it any of the major search engines like Yahoo, Bing or Google they all provide search results as primary along with video and local listings on rank base based on the most relevant site used by the internet users. They are free of cost as they are ad paid search engines.

With the help of SEO Marketing Services you can get your seo optimized website as well. But, before you do this there are some points you should know. Like how to choose the right SEO service. For this you need to know facts like:

  1. What do you require: managing your reputation, link removals, marketing your content, retargeting, a onetime seo audit or an ongoing SEO.
  2. Consult more than one but, silently: Once you decide what you want, your next step is consultation. Consulting with different services will take a few days but, the work is worth the effort if you want to find the best.
  3. Collect references and case studies: The first most questions that you will want an answer for is: “Will your work be done?”.

Our SEO Company in Ludhiana provides you with vital information such as advice on the ranking and how and when to place your website. To know if the work is being done correctly, you should know what an SEO marketing service will provide you:

  • SEO developed strategy: Your service provider works with you in customizing your website.
  • Implementing guidelines: implement guidelines so you do not lose your rankings.
  • Software recommendation: get suggestion for the best available software’s that will help you in tracking analyzing and improving your keyword rankings.
  • SEO audit: Get an in-depth analysis on each page that is optimized for more improvement.
  • Keyword: Keyword is the most important and most dreaded task in building a website. They help you in finding a perfect keyword.


Last but, not least make sure you go through the agreement carefully before signing it. Remember to carefully understand the terms and the risks completely. Be clear on how long it will take for your site to be online and how much traffic is expected from your site. But, yes do not go behind SEO providers who promise to put the world at your feet because, that’s not possible, your site will bring traffic but, it’s your service or products that you provide that will make your site run in the future.

What is Competitor Analysis?

Analyzing your competitor is the most critical part for any business person. It is this evaluation that enables you in defining how your service or products can be superior then theirs. How you can make yourself be on the top. For this you have to ask yourself some questions:

  • Clarify who your competitor is?
  • What strategies did they follow in the past?
  • What strategies are they following or planning to follow?
  • What type of media do they use for marketing their service or products?
  • What are their strength and weakness points?
  • As a competitor what threat do they impend on you?
  • What potential opportunity do you feel is available due to them?

Some people may consider this a waste of time and prefer in making their own plans and implementing them. But, just like you are giving the same service or products as your competitor, your plans can also be the same. Hence, to be on the forefront of your competitor it is better to analyze your competitor.

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