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What is the importance of google safe browsing in the context of social engineering?

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What is the importance of google safe browsing in the context of social engineering?

  • April 17, 2024


By social engineering, we indicate the kind of content that contrives the visitors to do something minacious (dangerous). According to the experts practicing in the famous digital marketing company, “The menacing attacks may result in the following:

  • Exposing Confidential information
  • Downloading some kind of the threatening software”


In case, your website is found to be having some kind of deceptive content (social engineering content), then the chrome browser shows the following warning:

Deceptive Site Ahead

Various social media marketing companies visit security issues reports, in case they are doubting that the particular content may come out as treacherous or the one which satisfies all the credentials of becoming social engineering content.

Social Engineering

To mislead the visitors to do something menacing or vicious is known as social engineering:

Social Engineering Attacks

Phishing This artifice somehow convinces the user to reveal the personal information by falsely making them believe that they are from some bank or some government organisation. The information may comprise of the following:


Phone Numbers

Credit Cards

Deceptive Content This trick allows the visitor to provide information by appearing as some kind of trusted entity.

Example of the deceptive content

Sometimes, it happens that one kind of warning keeps on getting shown on the browser which may be like:

Your software is out of date, Install XYZ to optimize the system performance  

The Appearance Of The Third Party Content In many of the cases, it happens that the particular treacherous person is making a fool of you by extracting the required information and the money by emerging as the one who is operating on the behalf of someone.



How can we protect ourselves from being tricked by social engineering practices?

Google safe browsing is accountable for protecting web users. It appears successful in this motive by warning the users not to visit this particular site or page.


When are web pages considered included in social engineering?

  • When they are only pretending to be a trusted entity.
  • When they are leading you to do something which you could only do if some trusted entity will trigger you to do so.


What is social engineering embedded content?

Social engineering is accountable for showing up the content that is embedded in some kind of benign website. If any content is found to be embedded in the social engineering content then it comes under the policy violation for the host page.


The violation of the safe browsing rules will still be found if a user experiences any of the following:

  • Pop-Ups
  • Pop-Unders
  • Redirections


What should you do?

First of all, you should not post any content unless you are doubly sure that it does not contain any treacherous content or one which may or may not mislead the people. As discussed, you can get it checked on the security issues report.

Hiring a good digital marketing company in India is to save you from the risk of spoiling your reputation by emerging as the violator of the safe browsing regulations.


Top Picks of All Time Viral PPC Campaign Videos

  • April 9, 2024


Marketing through videos has reshaped the world. Now, marketers and businesses are working together to curate some related video campaign ideas to promote their products/Services. If you run out of ideas or want to create videos that connect people with your brand, then you can seek help from the expert marketers of digital marketing company in india.  

Videos are the best way to create engaging and relevant marketing ads that will drive organic traffic to websites and create widespread awareness. Like technical SEO integration, this method is also helpful in increasing the reach of potential customers online. 


Blend Tecs (Will it Blend Series) 

Blend tec tried to showcase the power of their blenders in a unique way. Suppose you are seeing a person blending some random stuff in a blender. What do you think? Everyone likes it. They tried to blend unusual items like iPhone tablets, cans, and many more items in their blenders. It not only showed the power of their blenders but also garnered millions of views on their websites and social media. If you too want to garnish views on your business website and social media, then connect with the best digital marketing company Punjab. And know the strategies to promote the content on a large scale. 


Dollar Shave Club ( Our Razors are Great ) 

Dollar Shave Club is a renowned razor manufacturing firm. This business tried to advertise their razors in a whole different manner. Generally, we see razor ads in which a person is shaving, but in their advertisement, the founder makes it more humorous by adding funny punch lines and what else their razor business offers. Sometimes, it’s not about how good your product is; sometimes, it’s about how you advertise it and what you make them feel. 

Shine on your potential customer’s searches with this kind of unique content connect with SEO company punjab to avail all services and to turn your passive users into your buyers, from video to content marketing everything. 


Parle’s Kaccha Aam (Mango Bite) 

You might have eaten that sour and tangy candy named Kaccha Aam. This candy was not any different from the usual sour candy, but it gained popularity among kids as soon as it came onto the market. Parle is known not only as India’s Pride and older brands but also for its marketing strategies. In this video, the concept of “Kaccha Aam ka Photocopy” literally represents the authenticity of candy’s taste. 

If you, too, want to market your products and know about your customers’ preferences, then go with a video ad. Random video ads are one of the common mistakes businesses make, which ultimately makes them face loss in the end. 



There are many similar examples that show the power of video marketing and how effective it can be for the growth of business. Most businesses use humorous marketing content to promote their products or services because every person likes to laugh. Making your customers happy while telling them about your products is a bonus point. 

Talk with the experts of FlyMedia Technology, the best digital marketing company in india. Discuss about your products and services, get personalised advice and overall marketing services.