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How digital PR and SEO work together to amplify your business?

Digital Marketing

How digital PR and SEO work together to amplify your business?

  • April 18, 2024


To understand how digital PR and SEO work together, we need to know what id digital PR and SEO do? Digital PR means using the digital platforms, social media and other digital channels to improve brand image, reputation and visibility among the customers. It involves those digital strategies which helps in increasing the engagement with the audience and helps in maintaining positive online presence. Some of the digital PR activities are releasing a press release, influencer collaborations, social media campaigns, content marketing, and online reputation management. 

On the other side SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is a more technical process then digital PR. It is used for optimization of the content  on the internet to increase its ranking among different sites which helps increase the visibility and organic traffic on the site. For more information you can check seo company in ludhiana.


How are Digital PR and SEO Connected? 

Both Digital PR and SEO are related to each other because both are used as strategies for increasing the online visibility of a brand. Digital PR focuses more on increasing connection, building relationships, creating more engaging content to make the audience feel more connected and helps in creating more backlinks on the site. These backlinks are important for SEO to improve website ranking in search engine results. In this way Digital PR and SEO are inter connected to each other. In another way, if a high quality content will be created by the digital PR then this also helps in increasing and attracting more organic traffic on the site. Overall, both digital PR and SEO helps in increasing visibility, bringing more organic traffic, and improving search engine ranking.


How Digital PR and SEO work together? 

As we have discussed above, both Digital PR and SEO work together by combining efforts to enhance a brand’s online visibility and image. Thee following way both digital PR and SEO work together to increase the visibility:


  • Digital helps in growing backlinks: Good digital PR strategy in the market such as releasing press releases or creating more engaging content for audience and maintaining positive online presence etc helps in creating good backlinks. Those backlinks are helpful in channeling the credibility for SEO. It provides good links for SEO. A good backlink for reputable media also helps in increasing the visibility on the site.


  • Digital PR helps in improving Domain authority: By engaging in Digital PR activities such as creating high quality and more engaging content, collaborating with influencers, getting featured on reputable sites, valuable links can be generated which helps in creating more backlinks from authoritative sources and increases the domain authority. It helps in establishing your site as a trustworthy and valuable resource and creates domain authority.


  • Digital PR and SEO both helps in increasing brand visibility and awareness: By creating high quality content as a strategy in Digital PR, it helps in creating impactful backlinks and these backlinks are used in SEO. According to google algorithm SEO with good backlinks helps in increasing the brand visibility and awareness.


In this way both Digital PR and SEO are connected and help in increasing the digital visibility and brand image. They both are used as digital marketing strategies in the best SEO company in Ludhiana. 

Digital Marketing

What is the importance of google safe browsing in the context of social engineering?

  • April 17, 2024


By social engineering, we indicate the kind of content that contrives the visitors to do something minacious (dangerous). According to the experts practicing in the famous digital marketing company, “The menacing attacks may result in the following:

  • Exposing Confidential information
  • Downloading some kind of the threatening software”


In case, your website is found to be having some kind of deceptive content (social engineering content), then the chrome browser shows the following warning:

Deceptive Site Ahead

Various social media marketing companies visit security issues reports, in case they are doubting that the particular content may come out as treacherous or the one which satisfies all the credentials of becoming social engineering content.

Social Engineering

To mislead the visitors to do something menacing or vicious is known as social engineering:

Social Engineering Attacks

Phishing This artifice somehow convinces the user to reveal the personal information by falsely making them believe that they are from some bank or some government organisation. The information may comprise of the following:


Phone Numbers

Credit Cards

Deceptive Content This trick allows the visitor to provide information by appearing as some kind of trusted entity.

Example of the deceptive content

Sometimes, it happens that one kind of warning keeps on getting shown on the browser which may be like:

Your software is out of date, Install XYZ to optimize the system performance  

The Appearance Of The Third Party Content In many of the cases, it happens that the particular treacherous person is making a fool of you by extracting the required information and the money by emerging as the one who is operating on the behalf of someone.



How can we protect ourselves from being tricked by social engineering practices?

Google safe browsing is accountable for protecting web users. It appears successful in this motive by warning the users not to visit this particular site or page.


When are web pages considered included in social engineering?

  • When they are only pretending to be a trusted entity.
  • When they are leading you to do something which you could only do if some trusted entity will trigger you to do so.


What is social engineering embedded content?

Social engineering is accountable for showing up the content that is embedded in some kind of benign website. If any content is found to be embedded in the social engineering content then it comes under the policy violation for the host page.


The violation of the safe browsing rules will still be found if a user experiences any of the following:

  • Pop-Ups
  • Pop-Unders
  • Redirections


What should you do?

First of all, you should not post any content unless you are doubly sure that it does not contain any treacherous content or one which may or may not mislead the people. As discussed, you can get it checked on the security issues report.

Hiring a good digital marketing company in India is to save you from the risk of spoiling your reputation by emerging as the violator of the safe browsing regulations.