What is Newsletter Marketing and what are its benefits for Ecommerce Websites?


What is Newsletter Marketing and what are its benefits for Ecommerce Websites?

  • July 29, 2020


In this article I will explain to you what is newsletter marketing and how it can be useful for your business.

Newsletter Marketing:

It is a strategy in which the visitors are followed through email. The details of their existing and new products are sent to them through email again and again. So that the product can hit their subconscious mind and when they make their mind buy a product of this category they only choose your product. If we talk about their email address, then it is collected from them when they visit the website.

Moreover, sometimes people leave your product in their wishlist and then some offers can be sent to them so that they buy your product. This strategy is most used by some huge e-commerce websites. Not only this, by following the customer through email marketing they can be made feel special and this develops trust customer relationships.

Now what are the benefits of this to your Ecommerce website??

Newsletter marketing helps in reaching the targeted audience and building the awareness regarding the brand i.e. making the brand popular. Along with this, there are several benefits of this type of marketing, which are listed below:

1. Effectiveness: The click through rate of emails is around 34% and the opening rate is 3%, which makes it the most effective way of advertising. Almost everyone uses email, and emails containing product offers attract people the most. According to a survey the purchasing rate of through emails is 4.1%, which is double than the visitors of your website. This makes it the most effective way for generating great revenue from your e commerce website.

2. Helps in reminding the customer: Seldomly, customers remember the quality of your product but they forget about the name. So, it is a good way of reminding the customer at regular intervals. This way your brand name will not lag behind ever.

3. Rewarding the regular customer: Email marketing helps in rewarding those customers who are loyal and trustworthy. This way a good relation is developed between the customer and the company and those customers keep giving business to you for a long time.

4. Maintaining the reputation of the brand: Another benefiting is that you can maintain your brand’s reputation on your own. By showing your customer’s reviews on the website helps in retaining the present customers and gaining new customers as well.

5. Cost-effective: newsletter marketing is the cheapest way you can find to advertise. The traditional method of marketing includes costly resources and labour thus high labour cost and the traditional method is not effective anymore. For example, a person going in a car sitting on the passenger’s seat does not look at the billboards outside, but on his mobile screen. That is why, newsletter marketing is more effective.

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Tips For Having A Successful Ecommerce Website Development 2020

  • July 25, 2020


Tips for having a successful eCommerce website development

Having the right platform and functional theme

The platform is the business foundation and when you consider eCommerce website development, select the best platform like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and others that can handle the large volume which can benefit your future.  Once the platform is selected you need to choose the theme. You need to select the visually appealing one, loads quickly, responsive, works on all browsers, and customizable for your brand.

Taking help from the website designing company will help you learn some of the interesting tips.

SEO and Site Performance

Page rank is important for traffic. You need to select proper SEO so that your page gets the higher rank and the shoppers can find you. The difference is made with page load and site performance. Impatient shoppers abandon the slow sites quickly.

One of the statistics has shown that if the website takes more than 3 seconds to load then the shoppers will quit the website right away. So, it is essential to give your users the best experience which is great for everyone.

Tap into mobile customers with responsive website design

Having the website page optimized for mobile is important, but there are thousands of merchants who are still tied to old themes and websites which get displayed on the website properly.

Statistics have shown that 49.7% of page views come through mobile devices. If you are not mobile responsive you are going to miss on many things. Mobile users get the option to search, browse, and buy right through their phones and other websites without any doubt.

Security is important for trust and data safety

Trust between customers and merchants needs time to build and it is essential for sales. One immediate improvement which builds trust to have every page encrypted with HTTPS protocol. Customers want their data to be safe.

Additionally, payment information and transactions need security. If you accept credit cards then it is essential to have PCI compliant. You should never store the credit card information on the website as it is a vital part of the business. If the system gets hacked then it would create a lot of problems.

Limit the product selection and offer site search

If you offer too many choices to the customer it will hinder sales. Buyers have decision paralysis when they have too many options. They may walk away from the site. Given below are some of the ways to overcome this issue:

  • Select the best products. Limit the choices to 2 or 3 top products even though there are twenty out there.
  • Streamline the checkout process within a few clicks. With each additional click or a form field, the opportunity for a complete sale is reduced.

Select the site search which is fast, scalable, and reliable. 30% of users select the site search and this is an important part of the eCommerce website. You need to buy a robust and third-party engine that can quickly narrow their search.