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What are the Advantages of App over Website?

What are the advantages of app over website?
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What are the Advantages of App over Website?

  • July 29, 2016


Mobile applications are becoming preference not only for the users but also the companies and designers. Mobile apps are having an edge over the websites that is why even apps are replacing the websites up to great extent.

This replacement can be due to the following advantages of apps

  • Though apps user experience can be personalized in better way as through apps communication with the users can be personalized on the basis of their interest, preference, location and usage behavior.
  • It become easy to knock the mind of users through apps as notifications can be sent instantly and effectively. Through apps push notifications and In app notifications can be sent to get in touch with users on regular basis.
  • Mobile apps give other advantage to the users as these app facilitate the users to use their mobile device features like camera, GPS and phone calls.
  • Even though apps it is easy to even work offline like for bank apps online forms and calculations can be done easily
  • In mobile apps, developer have authority to design the apps. These apps can be designed according to preference of clients and the idea of programmer
  • Having an app can generate traffic for your site and even enhance the branding as having an app can keep your brand name and
  • Some studies have been conducted for generated for the entertainment of users and for socialization so they spend much time on apps rather than the websites,
  • Mobile apps are the great source for entertainment and big platform  for the marketing as as these are more targeted so can drive more users for us
  • Websites are the brand in itself so these keep preserve the brand of company or business
  • Apps store their data on the main devices whereas in the case of websites data get saved on the web servers so get mush time to load hence the mobile apps are faster that sites .

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