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How digital PR and SEO work together to amplify your business?

Digital Marketing

How digital PR and SEO work together to amplify your business?

  • April 18, 2024


To understand how digital PR and SEO work together, we need to know what id digital PR and SEO do? Digital PR means using the digital platforms, social media and other digital channels to improve brand image, reputation and visibility among the customers. It involves those digital strategies which helps in increasing the engagement with the audience and helps in maintaining positive online presence. Some of the digital PR activities are releasing a press release, influencer collaborations, social media campaigns, content marketing, and online reputation management. 

On the other side SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is a more technical process then digital PR. It is used for optimization of the content  on the internet to increase its ranking among different sites which helps increase the visibility and organic traffic on the site. For more information you can check seo company in ludhiana.


How are Digital PR and SEO Connected? 

Both Digital PR and SEO are related to each other because both are used as strategies for increasing the online visibility of a brand. Digital PR focuses more on increasing connection, building relationships, creating more engaging content to make the audience feel more connected and helps in creating more backlinks on the site. These backlinks are important for SEO to improve website ranking in search engine results. In this way Digital PR and SEO are inter connected to each other. In another way, if a high quality content will be created by the digital PR then this also helps in increasing and attracting more organic traffic on the site. Overall, both digital PR and SEO helps in increasing visibility, bringing more organic traffic, and improving search engine ranking.


How Digital PR and SEO work together? 

As we have discussed above, both Digital PR and SEO work together by combining efforts to enhance a brand’s online visibility and image. Thee following way both digital PR and SEO work together to increase the visibility:


  • Digital helps in growing backlinks: Good digital PR strategy in the market such as releasing press releases or creating more engaging content for audience and maintaining positive online presence etc helps in creating good backlinks. Those backlinks are helpful in channeling the credibility for SEO. It provides good links for SEO. A good backlink for reputable media also helps in increasing the visibility on the site.


  • Digital PR helps in improving Domain authority: By engaging in Digital PR activities such as creating high quality and more engaging content, collaborating with influencers, getting featured on reputable sites, valuable links can be generated which helps in creating more backlinks from authoritative sources and increases the domain authority. It helps in establishing your site as a trustworthy and valuable resource and creates domain authority.


  • Digital PR and SEO both helps in increasing brand visibility and awareness: By creating high quality content as a strategy in Digital PR, it helps in creating impactful backlinks and these backlinks are used in SEO. According to google algorithm SEO with good backlinks helps in increasing the brand visibility and awareness.


In this way both Digital PR and SEO are connected and help in increasing the digital visibility and brand image. They both are used as digital marketing strategies in the best SEO company in Ludhiana. 

Digital Marketing

What is Growth marketing and Digital Marketing?

  • April 10, 2024


The terms like “Growth marketing” and “Digital Marketing” are used interchangeably. But both these terms have different concepts. Digital marketing is the use of different channels digitally to increase the customer base and whereas growth marketing includes those strategies and techniques which are required to increase the growth of the company or the business. Both these strategies are applied for different purposes. It can be explained with an example, If you want to connect with more customers and increase the customer base for a product or a thing then you should be choosing digital marketing strategy by the Best digital marketing Company in Ludhiana. If you are more focused towards driving the growth of the company then you should be choosing growth marketing strategies. 


Some latest trends going on in growth marketing and digital marketing both: The concept of Growth marketing has been present for a very long time compared to digital marketing but both these concepts are evolving with time and latest trends and techniques need to be followed in them. Some common latest trends which can be applicable for both growth marketing and digital marketing are:

  • AI Driven Marketing: Nowadays AI is the buzz creator. It is used by almost 84% of the market to grow the business. AI marketing strategies work faster than human capacity and help in coming to the conclusion at a much faster rate. Large number of markets have started depending upon AI for automating tasks.
  • Voice Search optimization: Voice Search Optimization by the best SEO Company in Ludhiana.
  •  is used for optimization of keywords using voice assistance. Nowadays a lot of consumers use voice search through digital assistance.
  • Video Marketing: Video marketing means promotion of your product or brand by creating video content. Video marketing is getting very prevalent in the form of short videos and clips used for promotion such as reels on Instagram, shorts on Youtube etc. 
  • Social Commerce: Social Commerce also known as e- commerce which means that when different social media platforms are used to promote sale of the product. It simply means that when people purchase something from social media feed. 

Benefits of these latest trends: Some of the benefits of these latest trends in growth marketing and digital marketing are:

  • AI Driven marketing helps in understanding your audience in a better way as it helps in analyzing a large amount of data in a very quick manner compared to human beings.
  • Video marketing helps in bringing traffic to your site, increases brand awareness, and helps in reaching a large audience through video content.
  • Voice Search optimization is a fast and convenient way. It helps in getting the information regarding anything in a very quick manner. 
  • Different social media sites are used by a lot of all around the world. So these platforms are used for the advertisement of the products. Social Commerce helps in getting the product to a large number of audiences. 

In this way different digital marketing and growth marketing helps in attracting a large number of audience and which leads to the growth of the company. If you are also looking to get good marketing strategies, it is advised to consult Best digital marketing Company in India.