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Single Page Websites are Worth or Not?

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Single Page Websites are Worth or Not?

  • April 25, 2016


Design and accessibility of your web site make it worth for the users and as well as you.  Website design should be interactive for the visitors only then it may get its basic purpose fulfilled.

Now it is matter of concern whether single page websites are fruitful or not?

Single page websites are also called with the fancy name of parallax scrolling websites. Nowadays these parallax scrolling websites are in trend companies prefer them instead of websites that contain number of pages.

In single page site information is mentioned on one page for the visitors to scroll down. These trendy websites have following pro’s and con’s.

Pro’s of single page websites

  • Easy accessibility for smart phones

Due to scrolling website it becomes easy for a user to scroll it on smart phone as in multiple pages sites it’s difficult to click different pages on mobile or tablet so single page websites are more mobile friendly.

  • Creative design

These websites take visitors at a journey from top to bottom so designs of these sites are more liked by the users.

  • Precise and prompt content

On a single page content can be mentioned in precise and relevant manner to satisfy the users so there is no need to write different contents for different pages. On a single page more prompt information can be given.

  • Enhance scrolling

As due to unique designs users like scrolling down rather than jumping from one page to another that may distract their reading and concentration.

  • Consistency of design

These trendy websites leads to consistency as designers rather than using their designing skills for multiple pages utilize it on single page so overall design remain consistent.

  • Freedom to use images anywhere

On single page sites more images can be used to make it more creative and attractive. So you have freedom to use any number of images to make your site more interactive

  • SEO friendly

Web masters also believe that single page websites acquire higher ranking on Google due to preference of users and their unique designs.

  • Less expensive

These sites are less expensive as required due to smaller size there is less need of space and band width which saves your cost.

Con’s of single page websites

  • Limited choice of keywords

On a single page you may use limited number of keywords as while writing content of one page it is not advisable to repeat keywords and use number of keywords.

  • Not suitable for blogs

For the website that contain different blogs single page site is not advisable as this layout may find difficulty while sharing on social networking sites

  • Insufficient information

As one has to be very precise while explaining about the information related to site otherwise it may increase the scrolling so some time these sites becomes less informative

  • Limited meta descriptions

Due to single page there is only one Meta tag and title tag for the site which can make it less accessible for Google.

Longer time to load

Due to all information on single page that can make page heavy so it takes long time to load which may add to irritation of the user.

  • Difficulty to add new information

If you want to add new product or information then it is quite easy to add in multiple pages sites by creating and adding one page and attaching it to the site.

  • Difficult to find relevant information

In multiple pages sites users may make their search according to the pages but in single page sometime required information can be at bottom so difficult to access.

Whether you are planning for single page or multiple page website must consider these advantages and disadvantages.

So decide what you want single page or multiple page website for you?

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