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Is Web Design Still A Good Career?

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Is Web Design Still A Good Career?

  • November 3, 2016


Hello everyone this is FlyMedia Technology, today we are going to discuss our regular topic Web Design and for today we are gonna discuss on if web design is still a good career choice. Most people over the internet are still concerned and discussing about what is the future of web designing, as everyone is concerned with all the templates online, all the content management systems like WordPress, SquareSpace that allows people to create websites without coding. You are afraid as a website designer as a coder that there is no future for you, this thing is to be concerned it is the truth.

But website designers are not designers but someone who is a marketer to bring more sales to a company through the collective efforts with SEO pages and more. It may appear that website designers are artists but what they are artists in is something how to attract more business to the company through designing so the end goal is always to be a marketer. So for those who are starting off as website designers, what we recommend is you should start off creating a website for resume or a portfolio, set up a domain and do the work yourself. But more than that what we recommend is you should take a domain and set up a blog with content management system like WordPress and know how things work.. If you are a coder you need to understand even if you hate these things you need to know how these tools work like using Adobe Muse and SquareSpace because as long as there is a demand for them you have the opportunity to make money and leverage from them. Even if you are psychologically against them you need to get past that because if you customer need that you need to give him that in the start and then you can tell him if you need a good professional website you need to do some professional things like coding the backend and can be achieved through coding only. So the career hasn’t ended as long as you have the knowledge and the will to learn something new you can use that for yourself.

It is All from us today. We will come with a second part of this article and a video on this will be available too. If you have any queries you can contact us, to get the best website designing in India you should visit us anytime.

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