What can happen if you stop doing SEO for your business website?

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What can happen if you stop doing SEO for your business website?

  • August 20, 2020


Given below are the top problems which can come if you stop doing SEO for your business website or stop taking benefits of SEO company.

Here are some of the major issue which can come when you stop posting content:

  • Consistent targeting of new terms is not being done. This means less traffic and less fresh keywords are being used and ranking also decreases.
  • No new pages are there, and this is the reason the total number of links you earn gets reduced.
  • The new visitor’s count is extremely less.
  • Social media presence is affected because no new content is being published and thus, social media platform share is reduced.
  • Branded search declines and this makes it difficult for the people to reach your site for new posts.
  • No content can lead to hug pages which means the ranking also goes down.

What happens when webpages are not refreshed?

When the webpages are correctly refreshed then it means website traffic increases to around 10 to 30 percent and this can be even more. This way Google can also see new text and also know about its value to increase the ranking. Page can be refreshed in different ways which include:

  • By including FAQs on the page.
  • By adding schema
  • By inserting links to different articles.
  • By updating dates and facts.
  • By writing long texts or changing the template.

The ideal choice is to carry out the research, then categorize the problems, check the pages which are on the top, and then implement a strategy to get the desired ranking you need.

What happens when new pages are not built?

Sometimes building pages for the industry is easier as compared to others. The smaller websites have fewer terms but for larger business websites the terms are extremely large like Amazon.

No matter what the business should make sure to target new terms and then organize them with the business goals which can profit you in a great manner. It is important to contact the professionals and then they can give you every small detail which will benefit your business website.

What if you do not consider technical issues?

Someone who lacks web experience will not understand the real benefit to know about the technical issues and getting them fixed on time. If the technical issues are not looked upon, then here are the problems which can occur:

  • You generate plagiarised content.
  • You push your development site accidentally into the index
  • Your website gets blocked.

All these issues must be monitored on a continuous basis, otherwise, they will increase. It is important to do maintenance so that there is no problem in the future. Staying correct with web development whether it is in terms of page speed, suability, or any other thing. If you avoid these things now, then it’s going to cost you in the future.


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Everything about Google delays mobile-first indexing deadline to 2021

  • July 24, 2020


Google announced that it is going to give more time to SEOs, Developers, webmasters, and developers for the mobile-first indexing switchover. For that, the deadline has been shifted from September 2020 to March 2021. For better understanding, you can get in touch with the experts from the SEO company.

To make the first process simpler the mobile-first indexing for all websites will start in September 2020. Now, that there are still knee-deep in this pandemic and there are many uncertain times which are going to come, and focusing on the work is not that easy. Moreover, Google has been giving hints for months now that they may push the mobile-first deadline.

 Contact the experts

If you are not sure about what changes need to be made on the mobile website or how these can impact the entire process then contact the experts. Our website designing company has a team of excerpts you take every single step into consideration. Flymedia entire team is fully trained and they make sure to follow-up with all the necessary changes with the website needs. You can even clear all your doubts with them and they will give you the best suggestions for your websites which help your business to do better.

 Mobile indexing

Google started the mobile-first indexing process in 2016. Google has been working on this for years. If there are sites that you need to manage and these are still not migrated over. Google documented the issues and they may be holding the site up from being migrated automatically for mobile-first indexing.

 Here is the brief information of what Google wrote in their list:

  • Robots meta tags on the mobile version
  • Give consideration on what you are going to block
  • Lazy-loading on the mobile version
  • Make sure primary content is the same on desktop and mobile
  • You need to check the following things like:
    • Alt attributes for images
    • Image quality
    • Different image URLs between desktop and mobile version
    • Video markup
    • Video and image placement

 Why is this important?

While you don’t have to get your websites ready by September 2020. Your next aim is to get them ready before next March. The ideal choice is that Google should migrate your site voluntarily when it is mobile-ready. You need to simply force the site on mobile-first indexing.

If the site is migrated before the headline, this means Google is completely ready for the site and this entire process is not going to harm the rankings when the migration process is done.