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The Ultimate Guide to Promoting Your Business on Instagram

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The Ultimate Guide to Promoting Your Business on Instagram

  • June 3, 2023


Social media platforms have evolved into compelling tools for organizations to advertise their products and services in this digital world. Instagram stands apart among different platforms as a visual heaven that permits organizations to speak with their target audience in a new and dazzling manner. To maximize your business’s Instagram presence, this blog will furnish you with the information and strategies you really want to succeed.

Understand Your Target Audience:

It’s important to understand your target audience before jumping into Instagram marketing. Investigate their demographics, hobbies, and behaviors in order to create intriguing material that will appeal to them. You may build a plan that coincides with your audience’s tastes and captures their attention by understanding them.

Create a Compelling Instagram Business Profile:

Your Instagram company profile is your online storefront. Optimize it by utilizing your company emblem as the profile photo and writing a brief and compelling bio that reflects your brand’s distinct value proposition. To promote traffic and conversions, include a link to your website or a specific landing page.

Develop a Consistent Brand Aesthetic:

On Instagram, consistency is essential. Create a visually appealing brand aesthetic by using a consistent color palette, typeface, and style that expresses the personality of your brand. This consistent visual identity will help you stand out and attract fans that share your ideals.

Craft Engaging Content:

Any successful Instagram marketing plan is built on great content. To keep your audience engaged, try presenting different formats such as photographs, videos, stories, and reels. Make your material more discoverable by using high-quality visuals, intriguing subtitles, and relevant hashtags. To bring authenticity to your business, don’t be hesitant to show behind-the-scenes moments, user-generated content, and creative collaborations.

Leverage Instagram’s Features:

Instagram has a wealth of tools that might help you with your digital marketing efforts. Utilise Instagram Stories by posting daily updates, behind-the-scenes peeks, and limited-time deals. Use Instagram Live to organize Q&A sessions, product debuts, or interviews with industry professionals. Investigate the capabilities of IGTV for sharing longer-form videos that educate and delight your audience.

Engage with Your Audience:

It is important to establish a solid relationship with your Instagram followers. Respond to comments, direct messages, and mentions as soon as possible. Show your gratitude by recognizing and engaging with user-generated content. In your tales, start conversations by asking questions or conducting surveys. You can establish a feeling of community and build trust with your followers by actively connecting with them.


Instagram has matured into a dynamic platform with enormous potential for businesses to market their products and services efficiently. You can unlock the power of Instagram marketing for your business by understanding your target audience, creating a compelling profile, producing engaging content, leveraging Instagram’s features, engaging with your audience, collaborating with influencers, and continuously optimizing your strategy.

Flymedia Technology is your trusted partner and leading Instagram marketing company that can assist you with harnessing the power of this platform to lift your business presence and drive significant outcomes. Accept Instagram’s visual storytelling potential and watch your brand’s online presence soar to new heights.

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Which social media marketing is important between Instagram and Facebook

  • March 9, 2021


No doubt, social media marketing has taken the world by storm. Different marketing strategies have seen a rise with time. Facebook is still the number one on this list. Till now, there are around 2.701 billion active users. In the last 16 years, Facebook has redefined itself and it is continuing to do so. Through the approach of the Facebook marketing company, the businesses are getting the opportunity to expand themselves.

On the other hand, Instagram marketing company have also seen a rise. Instagram came into existence in 2010 and after that its demand has been on the rise. The active monthly users on Instagram are around 1 billion users.

The power of social media is on the rise

Through social media, networking sites are becoming powerful and businesses are getting increased benefits. What’s even better is that the businesses are getting a platform to go worldwide and increase the ROI with this approach. No doubt, the marketers are integrating different strategies into their business, but here we will help you understand what is the difference between the 2 to make your brand have increased profits.

Instagram vs. Facebook by the numbers

Instagram vs. Facebook by the numbers

Although the Facebook head will be an added advantage because the user base is higher. On the other hand, Instagram is extremely strong and it is rising with great numbers. Some of the key statistics of both these are mentioned below:

Facebook statistics

2.70 billion monthly active users

96% of active user accounts are accessed through a mobile device

40% of consumers watch videos on Facebook

65 million small businesses have Facebook Pages

74% of marketers use Facebook in terms of brand social marketing.

Instagram statistics

1 billion monthly active users

Instagram Stories users worldwide count in 500 million

37% of US Internet users are on Instagram

68% of Instagram users visit the platform daily

65% of marketers use Instagram as part of their brand’s social marketing

No doubt, both platforms are effective in their way and attract users with different scenarios. The focus of Instagram is to increase user engagement through incorporating visual content.

If you are wondering how to take the right step or how to get started then you should reach out to the digital marketers. The professionals will ensure that the right marketing tactics are used to make your business stand out. In the marketing world, Facebook has made its mark which is not with any other platform. Let’s dig deeper to understand what is better between them.

Facebook vs. Instagram: audience demographics

Facebook vs Instagram audience demographics

Understanding the audience demographics can be of great benefit. Both of them have different user bases and creating the strategy accordingly is essential.

On Instagram, the user base is younger and these are most of the active users. The majority of the Instagram users are under 30 along with teens.

It is seen that with the shift to teens, the trends rise pretty quickly. With this, the companies are trying their best to gain the attention of the younger generation.

Well! This does not mean that the older audience is not of that much importance. The added benefit of older consumers is that their income is higher which means your services & products will be used by them.

Facebook vs Instagram: user engagement

The top metric is that there is added engagement. Through the social media engagement study, it has been seen that the engagement rate with Facebook is 0.09% and with Instagram, it is 1.60%.

With Facebook, it is essential to consider the way the content appears in users’ feeds and it is based on algos. The Facebook algorithm has a secret science and there are different strategies with it. Maximizing your audience reach is what every business wants and understanding what brings out the user engagement will be beneficial. No matter which platform you choose, consider the content type along with the audience demographic.



Facebook is extremely imperative to post informational content. Through the Facebook page, you will get to know about their business, upcoming events, or address. Facebook focuses on the detail-driven aspect.


Instagram is a platform to capture moments. The main purpose of Instagram is to increase engagement which helps in building your brand and make it popular.

For example: If you visit a place that has a selected menu, then you can choose easily and quickly. On the other hand, if you have 100 dishes on the menu then the final choice won’t be made with ease.

Facebook is like a restaurant with 50 different options. There’s so much you can do from messaging to playing games and watching videos. Facebook provides its users with hundreds of possibilities, and there is truly something for everyone. Instagram is like the burger place downtown that serves two things, burgers and fries. It doesn’t allow you to get distracted and is hyper-focused on a few core features.

Which network is best for your business?

Which network is best for your business

Be it Facebook or Instagram, it is important to publish the right type of content. Although, not both of them should be treated with the same approach. One content may be perfect for Facebook but not for Instagram & vice versa. The best option is to test it on both platforms and see how well you get the response.

Curated Content

Facebook is the best choice for curated content. This means the content is not original and most of it is from other accounts. On the other hand, Instagram is best for posting original videos and images.

Company News

Anything related to the company needs to be posted first on Facebook. Facebook focuses on text, so there are high chances that people would check the updates on it. On the other hand, Instagram will be great to post about the reconstruction progress.

Company Events

If your company is hosting an event then Instagram will be the right platform. In real-time, you will be posting the images, or do a live feed to connect with the users & tell them what is going on.


Both of them are effective in their way. Between them, no other option can replace one another. Just choose the right platform depending on the content and reach a larger audience base. If you are looking for a digital marketer to effectively promote your business then get in touch with our team today only.