What are the top things to consider during eCommerce website development?


What are the top things to consider during eCommerce website development?

  • July 29, 2020


Given below are the top things which should be considered during eCommerce website development:

  • Opt for responsive design

With time, the use of mobile devices has increased to access websites. In this case, the e-commerce sales have a large portion to access the traffic it needs. This is important for the e-commerce website to get optimized for mobile and this gives the user the best experience. No matter what device they use, the users will access the website with ease.

With responsive design, the website is easily accessible and can be used on any other device. Having a CMS is an important part of eCommerce websites. No matter which platform you plan to use, you need to make sure all the mobile users get the utmost benefits.

  • Supported guest checkouts

Companies with eCommerce websites mostly want users to create an account to make a purchase. This is important because it makes it easier to communicate with the clients and this can lead to increased future sales, tracking the customers, and analyzing the demographic information.

But, keep in mind that not every person likes to create an account or go through this process to buy your service and product. But, if the customers create an account let them know they will get the benefits in making the future purchases and they will give you the utmost benefits. Still, it is essential to give an option to the people who want to make a one-time order.

  • Site search is essential

Research has shown that 30 percent of visitors to eCommerce sites use search to find the product or service they are looking for. This is the reason it is essential to utilize the good features correctly so that the users can easily find the items or products they need or are looking for.

  • Faceted search

Another important part is opting for a faceted search in helping the users to find the product. With this, it becomes easier for them to narrow down the search for the products which includes size, department, manufacturer, and price range. This functionality makes it easier for the person to search for a different size and costs. When everything is organized it makes their shopping experience the best and they will visit your site more often.

  • Security is important

The e-commerce site should be secure and safe so that user experience is best and your website does not have to deal with any issue. The customer’s personal and credit card information should not be affected at any cost. You need to make sure their online purchase is safe and they can share their information with you without any issue. Having all the information kept in encrypted format can make a lot of difference in increasing the security part.



What is Newsletter Marketing and what are its benefits for Ecommerce Websites?

  • July 29, 2020


In this article I will explain to you what is newsletter marketing and how it can be useful for your business.

Newsletter Marketing:

It is a strategy in which the visitors are followed through email. The details of their existing and new products are sent to them through email again and again. So that the product can hit their subconscious mind and when they make their mind buy a product of this category they only choose your product. If we talk about their email address, then it is collected from them when they visit the website.

Moreover, sometimes people leave your product in their wishlist and then some offers can be sent to them so that they buy your product. This strategy is most used by some huge e-commerce websites. Not only this, by following the customer through email marketing they can be made feel special and this develops trust customer relationships.

Now what are the benefits of this to your Ecommerce website??

Newsletter marketing helps in reaching the targeted audience and building the awareness regarding the brand i.e. making the brand popular. Along with this, there are several benefits of this type of marketing, which are listed below:

1. Effectiveness: The click through rate of emails is around 34% and the opening rate is 3%, which makes it the most effective way of advertising. Almost everyone uses email, and emails containing product offers attract people the most. According to a survey the purchasing rate of through emails is 4.1%, which is double than the visitors of your website. This makes it the most effective way for generating great revenue from your e commerce website.

2. Helps in reminding the customer: Seldomly, customers remember the quality of your product but they forget about the name. So, it is a good way of reminding the customer at regular intervals. This way your brand name will not lag behind ever.

3. Rewarding the regular customer: Email marketing helps in rewarding those customers who are loyal and trustworthy. This way a good relation is developed between the customer and the company and those customers keep giving business to you for a long time.

4. Maintaining the reputation of the brand: Another benefiting is that you can maintain your brand’s reputation on your own. By showing your customer’s reviews on the website helps in retaining the present customers and gaining new customers as well.

5. Cost-effective: newsletter marketing is the cheapest way you can find to advertise. The traditional method of marketing includes costly resources and labour thus high labour cost and the traditional method is not effective anymore. For example, a person going in a car sitting on the passenger’s seat does not look at the billboards outside, but on his mobile screen. That is why, newsletter marketing is more effective.